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Portland Media Center works with Greater Portland Community Land Trust to create video about creating homes for working families in Portland

Thursday, December 10, 2020     

Working with the Portland Media Center, the Greater Portland Community Land Trust (GPCLT) is creating a video about the working families interested in the homes that will be created on land being donated by the City of Portland. The video will be used in their fundraising campaign on the crowd source GoFundMe site later this month. Because of the high cost of construction, GPCLT is working to raise $300,000 to bring the prices of these homes within reach of the teachers and healthcare workers who have shown an interest in these new homes. Two people who teach at Portland Public Schools will tell their story of searching for a home to buy close to where they work, in a city with a hot real estate market where prices of houses are going through the roof. Two GPCLT Board members tell their story of volunteering their time; An architect describes the satisfaction of designing affordable homes; A developer discusses putting together the financing required to build GPCLT’s first affordable homes. Keep an eye out for announcements about our GoFundMe campaign on our Facebook page and Instagram account and make what ever contribution you can afford. 

The City of Portland Will Donate Land to Greater Portland Community Land Trust to Build Its First Affordable Housing Project

Monday, September 28, 2020     

 Following a hearing before the Portland Housing Committee in July, the Economic Development Committee voted in August to approve the Greater Portland Community Land Trust’s proposal to build 13 units of affordable housing on land that the City will donate to make the project possible. The project located at 21 Randal Street will have 8 three-bedroom units and 5 one-bedroom units in an attractive, energy efficient, three-level complex surrounded by landscaped terraces and an open space for the occupants’ use. The units will be sold a price that working families can afford. Already 19 families and individuals, some of whom are teachers and staff at Portland Schools, have shown an interest in buying a home. Buyers of these homes will lease the land upon which the project is built. In the lease with Greater Portland Community Land Trust, the homeowners agree that when they sell their home, it will be at a price that is affordable to another family of moderate means. The lease also allows the seller to recapture all the equity they have put into their home and to share in some of the increased value. This arrangement between Greater Portland Community Land Trust and homeowners will allow the  units to remain affordable to working families long into the future.

     The project at 21 Randal Street now moves forward, the next steps include, rezoning the parcel, hiring a General Contractor, selection of homeowners, bank financing and building construction, all culminating in occupancy, anticipated to be in 2021. If you are interested in purchasing one of these homes contact Ginny Schneider at  If you are interested in this project’s new approach to creating affordable homes for ownership and helping solve the housing crisis in Portland, please make a donation on this web site’s donation page.

Tabling at the Portland Democrats’ Caucus

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Board members, Jim Devine, Ginny Schneider, Tim Wells and Scott Vonnegut took turns tabling at the Portland Democrats’ Caucus at King Middle School. In addition to handing out brochures about Greater Portland Land Trust (GPCLT), they presented a proposed design for a GPCLT project comprising of 7 townhouses on a 14,000 SF parcel of City owned land that Portland has decided to make available for the development of affordable housing. A number of people interested in the affordable townhouses were given a flyer describing the project along with the estimated cost of financing.

Meeting between MaineHousing and Maine Coalition of Community Land Trusts

Friday, February 28, 2020

Greater Portland Community Land Trust (GPCLT) Board members Greg Plimpton, Tim Wells and Scott Vonnegut met with the Director and staff of Maine State Housing Authority (MaineHousing) along with representatives from eight other Community Land Trusts (CLTs) to ask for MaineHousing’s financial support of CLTs in the state. Various forms of support that were discussed included providing mortgages and financing for energy upgrades to owners in community land trust projects. The Coalition asked that CLTs be included in the MaineHousing 5-year Consolidated Housing Plan and allow CLTs to apply for HOME funds for homeownership projects. MaineHousing Director Dan Brennan said that he looks forward to working together with Community Land Trusts  to create affordable housing in the State of Maine.