Dreamship Cooperative

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Dreamship Community started in January 2010. Dreamship is an all ages living breathing safe conscious community in Portland. We have a beautiful space in Portland in parkside near Deering Oaks, Hadlock/Expo and Maine Med. Our home is an intentional living community which means we share resources, community meals, cleaning responsibilities, and community work.

As part of our mission to create a safe and mindful community, we maintain a clean and sober home, we compost, and we have bi-weekly house meetings. Some community building events we have hosted in the past 4 years include our Sunday pancake breakfast, monthly open mics, and house concerts.

We are looking for people who are interested in practicing honest communication and participating in non violent dialogue; people who care about how they consume and how to better take care of the earth and each other. We are looking for You: artists, poets, sculpters, painters, singers, dancers, bikers, bakers, cooks, cleaners, lovers, musicians, tattoo artists, sound engineers, carpenters, farmers, composters, dreamers, and adventurers to bring collaboration to our amazing community. Join us in our beautiful communal dream!

We run workshops and run shows and other events! If you would like to play music here, share your skills, or show a movie or workshop, please get in touch!