Scott Vonnegut
Scott is an architect who has been championing progressive causes in the Portland area since he moved here in 2008. Working with Maine People’s Alliance and Maine Citizens for Clean Elections made him aware of important issues needing to be worked on, chief among them being the lack of affordable housing in the region. He is currently focused on bringing GPCLT’s first affordable housing project in Portland to fruition.

Michael Belleau
Michael grew up on Main Street in Orono Maine playing basketball, eating Pat’s pizza, and sneaking into the UMO field house. Later, as a fisherman on a dragger out of Cape Cod, he developed a love of entanglement with the natural world and it’s rhythms. After studying architecture in Boston and London, Michael returned to work in Maine where he designed, among other projects, the award winning fire station at Bangor International Airport. He opened his own office in Portland for a time before joining long established Maine residential design-build firm Knickerbocker Group’s Portland office.

Michael teaches theory at the University of Maine Augusta and has taught building , urban, and sustainable design at the college level. He has published many articles in the Portland Press Herald on urban design in Maine. Michael is a Certified Passive House Designer, the world’s most adopted non mechanical-dependent low energy use standard.

A fourth generation Mainer, he is committed to moving Maine forward by designing buildings expressing regional materials, contemporary space, and sustainable science as well as enhancing our village atmosphere through walkable centers. Community land trusts are an important tool in allowing Mainers to live a walkable village life. His family lives and works in Portland.

See here for more on Michael’s “Poetry of Place” approach.

Tim Wells
A native Mainer, Tim is a past U.S. Army Officer, Fortune 50 business executive and entrepreneur. He has lived and conducted business around the globe and currently is working on several property development projects in Portland and other areas of Maine.

Greg Plimpton
Greg is an experienced builder who has been developing innovative projects since the early eighties.  His work has included a wide variety of residential projects as well as art studios and commercial spaces.

Jim Devine
Jim is a retired master electrician and licensed carpenter. He serves as an Advocate for Homeless Voices for Justice and collaborates with local housing organizations to gain a better understanding of potential solutions for housing opportunities for all. He is a Board Member of Pine Tree Legal.

Zack Barowitz
Zack Barowitz is a residential property manager specializing in community associations in the Portland area. He is a frequent columnist and contributor of articles on urbanism and land use and holds professional certification through the Community Association Institute and a Master’s in Urban Design. Zack is active in several local advocacy organizations including the Portland Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee, YIMBY Portland, and the Libbytown Neighborhood Organization. He lives in Portland and can be found walking through downtown on his lunch breaks.

Nick Zaccaro
Nick Zaccaro is a union steward for the National Postal Mail Handlers Union at the US Postal Service. He is a Portland native and owner-occupant of a Portland triple-decker apartment. Nick is passionate about restoring the commons.

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