Scott Vonnegut
Scott is an architect who has been championing progressive causes in the Portland area since he moved here in 2008. Working with Maine People’s Alliance and Maine Citizens for Clean Elections made him aware of important issues needing to be worked on, chief among them being the lack of affordable housing in the region.

Steve Perazone
Stephen is semi-retired and works part-time for the Maine Locker Project, a non-profit that collects donated fresh produce and non-perishables then distributes them to the greater Portland area public schools and community centers. He has been an activist for progressive causes for almost 50 years.

Grace Braley
Grace is a retired civic leader and affordable housing developer from New York, who has lived in Portland for seven years. Her work has included the sale and rehabilitation of a nine-unit apartment building, converted to a co-op, as well as the purchase, rehab and management of a five-unit apartment building. She has also served as a Board Member of Westchester Housing Action Council and as the Director of the Rockland Nutrition Program for the Elderly.

Jonah Fertig
Jonah is the coordinator of Cooperative Fermentation, a consultant with the Cooperative Development Institute, a peer advisor with the Democracy at Work Network and cooperative designer and facilitator with the Resilience Hub. He is on the board of Crown of Maine Organic Cooperative and the Eat Local Foods Coalition. He co-founded Local Sprouts Cooperative, People’s Free Space, Meg Perry Center and Burdock Gathering.

Tim Wells

Rob Korobkin
Rob is a community organizer and project manager with extensive training in non-profit leadership.  He has played an active role in mobilizing progressive community-based initiatives in Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Vermont and Maine and is dedicated to engaging diverse groups of people in efforts to strengthen their communities in meaningful ways.

Greg Plimpton
Greg is an experienced builder who has been developing innovative projects since the early eighties.  His work has included a wide variety of residential projects as well as art studios and commercial spaces.  At present, he leads a small firm specializing in the design and construction of unique Accessory Dwelling Units for customers throughout New England.

Jim Devine
Jim is a retired master electrician and licensed carpenter. He serves as an Advocate for Homeless Voices for Justice and collaborates with local housing organizations to gain a better understanding of potential solutions for housing opportunities for all. He is a Board Member of Pine Tree Legal.

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