Past Board Members

Grace Braley
Grace is a retired civic leader and affordable housing developer from New York, who has lived in Portland for seven years. Her work has included the sale and rehabilitation of a nine-unit apartment building, converted to a co-op, as well as the purchase, rehab and management of a five-unit apartment building. She has also served as a Board Member of Westchester Housing Action Council and as the Director of the Rockland Nutrition Program for the Elderly.

Sam Brend
Sam is a graduate student at the University of Southern Maine in Community Planning and Development. She focuses her research on cooperative and local economies and alternative housing ownership strategies, such as community land trusts, cooperative living and cohousing.

Elizabeth Capone Henriquez, MPH
Elizabeth is a nonprofit professional with over 15 years of experience in the sector. Originally from Auburn, she lived in New York City from 2000-2012, where she worked for and attended Columbia University, earning both a BA and MPH. Her focus in public health was on urbanism and health. She served as board president of New Beginnings, a mid-sized nonprofit for homeless youth based in Lewiston. She currently serves on the boards of the Friends of the Portland Community Free Clinic and Home Start, an affordable housing non-profit.

Jonah Fertig
Jonah is the coordinator of Cooperative Fermentation, a consultant with the Cooperative Development Institute, a peer advisor with the Democracy at Work Network and cooperative designer and facilitator with the Resilience Hub. He is on the board of Crown of Maine Organic Cooperative and the Eat Local Foods Coalition. He co-founded Local Sprouts Cooperative, People’s Free Space, Meg Perry Center and Burdock Gathering.

Jim “Xiknawi” Melloh, MD, MS
Dr Melloh practiced and taught medical students and resident physicians in the areas of family medicine, geriatrics, and end of life care for almost three decades. A large part of his career has been in service to under-served and economically challenged populations in communities across the continent. He has served as medical director for a home health agency and two rehabilitation-nursing facilities, as well as led a geriatric home visit team in Northeast Ohio. A resident of Maine for the past twenty years, he moved to the Portland area in 2013.