Portland High School Student Volunteers to Help Greater Portland Community Land Trust (GPCLT) Expand Its Social Media Presence

Friday, January 8, 2021

Having looked for someone to update its web and Facebook page, GPCLT has finally found the ideal candidate, Charlee Lachance, a senior at Portland High School. Charlee brings her expertise in using and developing software to update and expand our social media presence.

In addition, she uses her graphic skills to fine tune the text and layout of postings to make them more effective in communicating the mission and goals of GPCLT as it works to create affordable housing in the Portland area. We are pleased that Charlee has found time in her very busy schedule to support her community by donating time to GPCLT and other causes. When not going to class, playing in orchestra, and filling out college applications, she has improved our media sites and just added one more, an Instagram account — Check it out: @gpclt